Green Line Pickup Bags- 24 Rolls

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We are so excited for this new product! Green Line bags are our most Earth friendly bag we carry! This box contains 24 rolls which is 288 bags total (12 bags per a roll).

These bags are unscented.

Landfill Biodegradable Poop Bags:
GreenLine Poop Bags are made from plastic and a proprietary additive which
renders the bags biodegradable anywhere, including an anaerobic environment.
(a.k.a landfill.)

New Technology:
The bags do not require sunlight, oxygen or moisture. They
biodegrade in the presence of microbes and bacteria which are
plentiful in landfill environments. They colonize on the surface
and completely biodegrade the bag. The result is organic matter,
CO2 and methane gas. The methane is captured and converted
to energy or burned off to reduce gas emissions.

Independeantly Lab-Tested:
GreenLine Poop Bags are proven to biodegrade within
28 months. They have been independently lab-tested to
determine the time it takes to biodegrade and authenticate our
biodegradable claims. Test ASTM D5511-12.

Shelf Stable:
GreenLine Poop Bags have
an unlimited shelf life.