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It's almost that time of year - Spring Cleaning! 

We have asked ourselves if the products on our shelves spark joy and if not, we have decided to remove and replace them with fantastic new brands that fit our high standards! We love our customer's furry friends and we are often thinking of what we can do to improve our products and their lives. Finding dog treats in portland can be tough, after all! That being said, we have brought in a few wonderful brands that have met our high standards and have proven to be amazing additions to our store - take a look!:

  1. Open Farm - We love doing our research to find only the best brands to carry in our store. Open Farm not only provides high quality ingredient, but they also pride themselves in sustainability and the ethical treatment of farm animals. Open Farm is a family owned and operated business, they know where their ingredients come from at all times. The meats used are raised on a naturally vegetarian diet and do not consist of any hormones or antibiotics. Open Farm is 100% grain free and uses absolutely no animal by-products. Open Farm is highly dedicated to providing only the best ingredients available, their mission is clear and that is to provide nutritious, ethically sourced food for your furry friends!
  2. Wild Coast Raw - Wild Coast Raw strives to create biologically appropriate food for cats and dogs. All of their ingredients are sourced from the Pacific Northwest which means that your pet's diets are seasonal, local and fresh. They use deboned meat which creates a lower ash content in their food. They are one of the few raw food companies who source their rabbit locally and prepare all their foods in a humane grade facility that is owned by Wild Coast Raw Food.
  3. First Mate - Family owned companies are wonderful and typically have high standards as well as transparency regarding their ingredients and where they are sourced from. First Mate delivers kibble that meets the international standards of Canada and the European Union. Their facilities are all located in Canada and ingredients are never outsourced. All of First Mate's formulas contain 60-90% animal based protein and vegetable protein boosters, such as protein meal, alfalfa and flaxseed meal are never used. 
  4. CBD Treatibles Soft Chews - Treatibles was established in 2013 and was one of the first companies to offer full spectrum CBD products for pets. Keeping all types of pets and pet personalities in mind, Treatibles has come out with a line of chewy CBD products. They are ideal for cats, senior dogs, and pets who, in general, prefer a softer consistency in their food. The chews feature organic, full spectrum hemp oil, catnip, turmeric, papain and bromeliad. Treatibles sources their hemp oil from their organic hemp farm in South Carolina. These products will:
    1. Help instill calm, ease, and normal emotional balance
    2. Support a healthy digestive tract and strong immune system
    3. Promote healthy joints, flexibility and a normal inflammatory response.
  5. Haven Hearts - Although we have had this product for a couple of months, we absolutely love their mission. All profits from Haven Hearts go directly to animals from different sanctuaries and rescues. Each bag is attached with a postcard with the photo of the animal you will be helping with the purchase of your bag. Also, its probably one of the best dog treats in portland you can find! Most of the ingredients are organic and made locally in Eugene, OR. 

We always do our best to choose companies that set high standards for themselves. We go through a strict checklist for what we carry in our store to make sure we only have the best for out furry customers. Whether you're looking for dog treats in portland, food, toys, or supplements, we're always here and happy to help!

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