Fur Pong

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Pong ball with fur attached to an end for added fun! Made in the USA.

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    Posted by joanne on Sep 16th 2018

    Our house cat Georgie goes absolutely crazy for these Ball-n-Tail toys. She will steal them out of my dresser if i leave the drawer slightly ajar !! Unfortunately the dog destroys them :( also so beware ! Georgie loves to chase her ball-n-tail across the kitchen floor. She will chase it and bring it back for me to throw again and again. She likes when i throw it close to the floor like its "scurrying" away. Georgie will come running from the far corners of the house to play with her ball-n-tail. Our other house cat was formerly a barn cat and she isn"t so enthralled by the ball-n-tail. we always put the cat toys away when we're done playing.