Animal Essentials Colon Rescue 1oz

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Animal Essential's Colon Rescue is a sweet tasting glycerin based herbal tincture blend that supports a healthy digestive tract. Also may be used for coughs.


  • Supports normal bowl function
  • Suitable in animals of all ages.
  • Helps with loose stool due to environment changes or changes in diet 
  • Alcohol-free
  • Used and recommended by veterinarians
  • Helps with inflammation in the colon 
  • A top seller for colon health

INGREDIENTS: A Proprietary Blend Containing Extracts of Slippery Elm Bark 1:4, Organic Licorice Root 1:4, Organic Plantain Leaf 1:4, Organic Marshmallow Root 1:4 

DIRECTIONS:  Squirt directly into mouth or add to food or water, 2-3 times daily 


              Dogs under 20 lbs:   0.50-1.0ml

              Dogs over 20-40 lbs:  1.0-1.5ml

              Dogs over 40 lbs:   2 ml

              Cats:                     0.25-0.5ml