Swamp Cooler

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Finally! A cooling coat that actually works! If your dog struggles during those extreme summer temperatures, the Swamp Cooler is for you!

The coat uses natural evaporation to help cool your pup. Here's how it works: soak the coat in cold water, wring it out and fasten it onto your pup. The evaporative cooling technology exchanges the dog's heat as the water evaporates from the coat.

Sizing Guide:
XX-Small... 10.25in length and 13.5in neck
X-Small... 12.75in length and 16.25in neck
Small... 18in length and 19.75in neck
Medium... 21in length and 22in neck
Large... 23in length and 26.5in neck
X-Large... 24.75in length and 28in neck

Washing Instructions: Secure all fasteners and wash in cold water, on a gentle cycle, with a mild detergent. Hang to dry. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.