Gooby Fashion Vest Green Checker

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When it comes to dog apparel, three things that immediately come to our top of mind are comfortfunctionality, and style. Gooby designs their apparel to stick closely to these principles. 

Features of the Gooby Checker Fashion Vest 

  • Zipper Closure

"Easy on. Easy Off" For dogs sensitive or fearful to "over-the-head" style apparel.

Zipper closure in the back along with the step-in design makes it easier to put on and take off.

  • Fleece

Made with warmth for their all day comfort.

  • Leash attachment

The double secure leash attachment is perfect for getting outside quickly but not recommended for pup who pull excessively 


Have sizing question? Please call us at the shop and we will help you find the perfect size for your pup!