Diatomaceous Earth

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Wholistic Diatomaceous Earth (DE) consists of the dried skeletons of microscopic sea creatures called diatoms. Wholistic Diatomaceous Earth is a safe, non-chemical alternative to chemical dewormers. Wholistic Diatomaceous Earth comes from fresh water deposits.

Directions for Use:
Up to 30lbs... 1/3 tsp daily
Dogs 31-50lbs... 1/2 tsp daily
51-75lbs... 1 tsp daily
76-100lbs... 1 1/2 tsp daily
Over 100lbs... 1 3/4 tsp daily
Can also be sprikled around living areas to help against fleas and ticks. Use caution when applying product, it is a very fine powder.
DO NOT inhale product! Dust may cause eye and respiratory irritation
*Scoop included in container

Ingredients: Diatomaceous Earth