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Top Options for Pet Dental Care in Portland!

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pet dental care in portland

Time to Get Ready for National Pet Dental Month!

pet dental care in portland

With National Pet Dental Month a.k.a February right around the corner, we all need to start focusing on finding the best pet dental care in portland options for our furry friends! Oral hygiene is often overlooked and taking preventative measures will help your dog or cat lead a life without tooth ache or sore gums. 

Caring for your pet's teeth should always start at home. Many people do not realize that there are various options when caring for their pet's dental health. Luckily, pet dental care in portland is not difficult to find. There are local Oregonians who have educated themselves in oral health for animals and have created brands like Mad About Organics that cater to the maintenance of your pet's dental health.

Finding products that are easy to apply and cater to your pet's needs can be a difficult task. Here are a few options that are all natural and do not use any chemicals to freshen up your pet's breath:

  • Mad About Organics offers an amazing, all-natural plaque remover that is meant to be consumed by your dog or cat and creates a natural compound that comes through your pet's saliva and works to break down the bacterial bio-film that forms in the teeth and gums. Additionally, it is great for preventing bad breath.pet dental care in portland
  • Herbal Gel is easy to use and helps immensely with the protection of your pet's teeth and gums.
  • If your pet loves drinking water, a great product to try is the liquid and plaque remover water treatment. Simply begin by adding a 2-3 drops to your dog or cat's  water dish and then gradually increase the amount based on your pet's weight. The purpose of this water treatment is to reduce bad breath and diminish the chances of your pet contracting a periodontal disease.
  • Cats can be a little tricky - although Mad About Organics carries great products that will add little flavor to your pet's water or food dish, some kittens can still taste the difference. Luckily, dental treats are a great option to add into your cat's diet. Smart and Tasty offers a variety of flavors that cater to your feline's taste in food. These dental treats not only serve as a great tasting snack, but will also help break down plaque and tartar in your cat's teeth!
  • Don't forget - there's always the old-school method of brushing. KissAbles is an all-natural formula that uses freshening flavors such as vanilla and cucumbers to make sure your pet's breath is kissable! 

Despite what you choose, your pet will be incredibly happy to have fresh breath and healthy teeth! Like humans, pet's also need to have their check ups with the vet, so be sure to drop by your local, friendly veterinarian. It can be difficult to find the best pet dental care in portland but here at the Hip Hound we have various products and tons of knowledge to help you out with preventing any nasty dental diseases! Can't come in to the store? Feel free to click on any products that you're interested in and we'll ship them straight to your door! Happy National Pet Dental Month!

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