Top Brushing Tips

Posted by Savannah on Feb 26th 2016

If you didn’t already know, February is pet dental awareness month! Many pet owners aren’t aware of the importance of taking care of their pet’s teeth. Without regular teeth cleanings, your pet’s teeth can build up with tarter which can lead to painful (and expensive) gum disease. Not to mention stinky breath!

Ideally you should be brushing your fur baby's teeth once a day, but realistically once per week will get the job done.

If you have a wild furry friend (not unlike our own, Theodore!) you may be wondering how in the world you would be able to brush their chompers. Lucky for you, we have found some tips and tricks that work!

The first thing to think about is the time of day in which you are brushing their teeth. After a period of exercise or right before they go to bed is the best time so that you can have the most control over your pet.

Next, use the following tips to gradually adapt your pet to the idea of having their teeth brushed:

  1. Start this process with a gentle rubbing sensation on the outside of their mouths. Increase the pressure gradually and if all goes well, reward with a super tasty treat! (We especially like to use these in high-reward situations like this!)
  2. After a few sessions rubbing the outside, the next step is to use a soft object, like your finger or a Q-tip, to rub on the actual gums. Add an especially delicious flavor to the object (like peanut butter or some canned food) for this step! Just like the first step, follow this session with those high-reward treats!
  3. Using the same flavor, take a soft-bristled toothbrush or finger brush and rub it along the teeth and gums. Follow with a reward :) (are you seeing the pattern?) Try this step a few times over a period of a couple days and each time increase your pressure.
  4. Once you and your pet seem comfortable with the process, it's time to use a pet friendly toothpaste to brush their teeth! Continue with your rewarding for the first handful of brushings and work to wean them off the reward over time!

Practice patience with this process and it will become a great time for you and your pet to spend together! 

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Paws & Kisses,

The Hip Hound Team