Things to Look Out for When Looking for a Pet Store in Portland

Things to Look Out for When Looking for a Pet Store in Portland

Posted by Stephanie on Jan 24th 2019

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Looking for a pet store in portland is definitely an easy thing to do. There seems to be new pet stores popping up around every corner. However, it is important to be selective when choosing a new place to shop for your pet's food and supplies. Not every store has a thorough selection process when choosing merchandise to put on their shelves. Here as some things to look out for and ask employees when you're trying out an new pet store in portland!

  1. Are any of your brands mass produced? In a perfect world, all dog and cat food brands would have high-pet store in portlandquality ingredients with rigorous testing. Unfortunately, when brands are selling to large corporations, they must start mass producing in order to send out food all throughout the United States in high numbers. This leads to lower quality ingredients and less detections of issues that may be present in dog and cat food. 
  2. Do the brands in your store own their own manufacturing plant? Many brands of pet food that are sold in grocery stores or large corporate pet retailers tend to have manufacturing plants overseas. The standards within the United States are much higher than that of other countries. Finding a pet store in portland that makes sure to only have brands that have their own manufacturer within the states can make all the difference. 
  3. Where are your pet food brands sourcing their ingredients from? It's safe to say that most people want to know where the ingredients in their food are coming from. As wonderful pet owners, we should have the same high standards for our pet's meals. Canada, New Zealand, and the United States all have high standards when sourcing ingredients so brands that source their ingredients from these areas are most likely great options!
  4. What is the recall history? Just because a brand has been recalled doesn't mean it should be immediately taken off your list. It's important to note an involuntary vs. a voluntary recall. High quality pet food brands will typically recall their own food voluntarily if they feel their ingredients have been compromised. Mass produced brands will typically not catch compromised ingredients right away and will likely have to involuntarily recall their food. pet store in portland
  5. What is the meat protein to vegetable protein ratio? Ideal pet food will have a 50:50 ratio between vegetable and meat protein. It is important to remember that dogs and cats are both carnivores. Their digestive tract is not built to absorb complete nutrients from fruits and vegetables, so meat is an incredibly important ingredient in your pet's diet to have a healthy lifestyle. If there are more vegetable proteins in a food, it can be a questionable option to feed. 

Knowledgeable employees and high quality products are easy to find in any small pet shop, but what separates The Hip Hound from everyone else is the extensive research we do to make sure every product on the shelf is safe and healthy for your pet. We pride ourselves on continuously learning about new products on the market and being able to share this information with our customers. We are always looking for brands that meet all the above criteria to ensure your pet has a healthy lifestyle. We are always available to answer any questions related to pet food and love getting our furry customers on the best diet possible! Next time you're in town looking for a pet store in portland, head our way - we'd love to help you out!