Why Raw Bones are Great for Dogs AND Cats!

Posted by Primal Pet Foods on Sep 18th 2020

Why Raw Bones are Great for Dogs AND Cats!

Did you know? Raw Meaty and Recreational Bones are fantastic treats for both dogs AND cats! They provide numerous dental benefits, nutritional support, and can aid in the treatment of some behavioral issues. Raw bones are an essential part of any dog or cat’s diet and Primal offers bones in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures to suit every pet’s need!

Here are 5 reasons to feed Primal raw bones to your cat or dog:

  1. Primal Raw Bones contain live enzymes. As your pet is chewing on a raw bone, these live enzymes help aid in breaking apart and killing dangerous bacteria that can be found in their gums.
  2. Primal Raw Bones can help maintain your pet’s teeth and gums. While your pet is chewing on a bone, they are removing the cartilage and marrow which can help scrape and remove existing plaque off of their teeth. The chewing motion also helps to gently massage your pet’s gums much like a human’s toothbrush!
  3. Primal Raw Bones are starch-free. Many dental chews available on the shelves of your nearest pet store consist primarily of starch. As starch turns to sugar, it leaves a residue eventually turning into plaque on their teeth. Our raw bones are starch-free and only leave behind are enzymes, which are beneficial to your pet’s oral health.
  4. Primal Raw Bones are great enrichment for your pet. Typically, when a pet is given a bone, they are completely focused and concentrate on their mission ahead. This allows your pet to have both physical and mental stimulation, which may also help keep some young kittens or puppies out of trouble!
  5. Primal Raw Meaty Bones are nutritionally beneficial. Calcium and “wet glucosamine” are present in Primal bones in a bioavailable form, meaning the body can easily absorb and utilize the nutrients which aid in bone and joint health.

Primal offers a variety of raw bones that will support your pet’s dental health. We offer both Raw Meaty Bones and Raw Recreational Bones to implement into your pet’s diet. Raw meaty bones are perfect for supplement feeding or as a treat. Recreational bones can be offered as a treat while promoting strong tooth, gum, and jaw health.

It is important to note that recreational bones are NOT to be completely consumed and that any bone should always be fed under the supervision of a human being. 


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