Walking Palm Sky Blue & White Cat Cave

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The cat cave has been perfected as a functional and beautiful rest, play and hiding environment for cats and small dogs. They are available in an assortment of beautiful colors, providing a great accent to compliment any home décor. Walking Palm cat caves are hand crafted in Nepal using 100% premium ethically sourced merino wool. Their team of skilled Nepalese artisans put a lot of love into making each piece! The wool is not only beautiful and durable, it has properties that repel dirt and water, keeping pets clean and fresh. Plus, cats are attracted to the natural smell of the wool making the cat cave irresistible!

One size, because it’s the perfect size, fits cats and small dogs up to 18lb

Care: Each cat cave is easy to spot clean with a dash of soap and water. For dirt, dust and hair, vacuum gently. That’s it! There is no need to use a washing machine.

100% handmade in Nepal using ethically sourced wool