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Sarfari's Nail Trimmers are all made from the best quality Stainless Steel to create a long-lasting as well as sharp edge.

Directions for Use: Nail trimming should be a regular part of your pet's grooming as it is important for their well-being (and yours in the case of feisty kitties) to have maintained nails. It will be easier on you if you are able to start regular nail trims on your dog or cat when they are young, but if you are not able to start then make sure you take it slow and are prepared with Styptic Powder on the chance that a quick is accidentally nicked. A lot of times, you dog will be more willing to sit still for this process. Cat's can be the difficult ones in this (and many) grooming situation. Using a blanket to cradle your cat in while only exposing the paw you are trimming is one way we've heard success stories on.

We recommend the tiny trimmers for puppies, small breed dogs and all cats.
For dogs under 50lbs try the Small-Medium size trimmers, and the Medium-Large size for dogs over 50lbs