The Antler Lady
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Antlers are the longest lasting natural edible chew on the market for dogs!  They are less likely to chip or splinter than processed bones, making them a safer alternative. They are stain and odor free, and 100% natural and raw.  No processing or cleaning agents have been applied.

These antlers are naturally shed and then hand-collected locally in Eastern Oregon. We offer a variety of shapes, sizes, whole and halved antlers.

We recommend that Antlers only be given to adult dogs. Puppy and senior dogs are at risk for breaking teeth when chewing on such hard chews. Please always make sure you are supervising your dog while he or she chews on an antler.

Ingredients: Deer or Elk

Because these antlers have been naturally sourced and are not altered in any way, each true size may vary. We have priced each based on their weight, rather than dimension. In general however, please keep in mind these length ranges per size:
Small - 4-10 inches long
Medium - 5-11 inches long
Large - 6-12 inches long
Halves - 3-8 inches long