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Open Everyday | 9 AM - 7 PM

503 - 841 - 5410

610 NW 23rd Avenue | Portland, OR 97210

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Portland’s finest Pet Boutique!

This is not your typical dog shop…  

The Hip Hound is a pet supply boutique dedicated to providing the finest holistic pet food and treats, quality toys, stylish clothing and collars, custom beds, and much more!

Step into The Hip Hound and experience a fashionable and fun place, where dogs of all types bring their owners to shop and socialize.  If you are not local, our online shop has everything ready to be shipped to your doorstep!

Shop our stylish displays of matching collars, leashes, harnesses, beds, and bowls.  You will find the latest clothing for a whole new look! Enjoy browsing for your favorite toys that bounce, squeak, and liked to be chewed.  For you active types, we have a wall of outdoor dog gear full of backpacks and lifejackets so you can get to the top of the mountain or cruise the river… in style.

We specialize in the finest quality holistic food and treats to give you that extra spring in your step and shine to your coat.  Call or come in and meet our extremely knowledgeable staff that can point you to the perfect food - both delicious and nutritious.

Stop by for a visit and meet your community of fellow dogs and dog-lovers.  This happening spot is much more than a store - it’s an experience that will get your tail wagging!  Join us for Yappy Hour every third Thursday of each month where we celebrate the day with wine/champagne tastings, human and dog treats, extra sale items and more!

The Hip Hound likes Cool Cats!  Visit our kitty corner for food, treats, collars, and toys.

Thanks for shopping LOCAL!

Team Profiles


Jennifer Heckman, Owner

“The Hip Hound is my inspiration, created with an abundance of love and positive energy to share my passion for dogs.  A dog’s love is unconditional... and they deserve nothing less than the best!”

A special thanks to my parents who helped build my vision and taught me the great responsibility and pride of owning your own business. Your love and support means everything to me!


Emily, Store Manager

“My favorite part about working at the Hip Hound is getting to see all the sweet fur kids that come in to say hello and grab a treat! It’s great to see a puppy who’s become a regular come in and grow up before our eyes. I also enjoy helping dogs with allergies or digestion problems find a high quality food that works for them.”

My fur kids highly approve of all the foods at the Hip Hound, but some standout favorites are Acana Grasslands Cat Kibble, Vital Essentials Rabbit Raw Food.


Keiko, Store Manager

“I think working at The Hip Hound is pawmazing! I get to see so many loving parents who want to make their little pups lives so exciting and full of love. I have seen at least 7 dogs that I have worked with at the OHS were I volunteer . That makes my day because I see these beautiful pups wanting love and then I get to see them spoiled with gifts like raw happy tails bones or eating food that will make them thrive like Orijen and Vital Essential. I wish we could have wonder walkers for all our shelter loves because they make walking so much easier and much better for our pups.”

Orijen 6 Fish is the favorite food in the house!


Angelica, Assistant Store Manager

“I like working at The Hip Hound because I'm an animal lover. I like meeting pet owners like myself.

I've spent the past year working with pets and trying to find healthy and holistic food approaches for food and treats. When someone comes in that has concerns about their fur babies, it's always satisfying to find results with our products. Knowing that I lifted some weight with the solution and that our customers know that they have people who care just as much as they do, it's a great feeling.”

My main man, Bodhi, is a black and white tuxedo that I love coming home to. His sister, Darma, is an Egyptian Mau who has energy to spare! They love each other and our Pure Bites. I love feeding them these treats because they're freeze-dried whole proteins! They also make great meal toppers.


Ari, Marketing and Content Coordinator

“I love what I do. I get to do it everyday surrounded by animals and people who love them. What more could you ask for?

Everyone we get to work with cares deeply for animals and wants the best for them. Working with local shelters and rescues, having them in the shop, makes what we do so much more than fun. The events we have are always animal centered and focus on the health and happiness of Portland's pets."

Sargent Fubsie is a goof, my love, and cracks me up everyday. He gets everything here too! His best friends are Puffer, our Hear Doggie Puffer Fish and Harold, our Petlou bunny. He also LOVES to curl up in his super snuggly Bowser Bed! GO! Venison kibble is the staple in our house for his sensitive tums.

Kaylie, Sales & Marketing Associate

“My favorite part of working at the Hip Hound is the DOGS of course! I feel like I now have a never-ending supply of cute dog stories. I love getting to know all of the regulars and their various quirks. It's a special community to be a part of! The large selection of dog clothes and accessories are my personal favorite--I would certainly spend my entire paycheck on cute sweaters for my parents' new puppy Mayzie (we said goodbye to our sweet Izzy this past summer) if they didn't live in sunny Arizona!”



Michelle, Sales & Marketing Associate

“I have been an animal lover all my life, I would be a very different person than I am today if it weren't for all the lessons about life and love my dear pets taught me. That's why I am dedicated to helping make our companions lives' the best they can possibly be. In my years of working in the pet food industry, there is one component of health that is so essential to a long and happy life: Good nutrition. I am so pleased that Hip Hound offers such a good variety of high quality foods, from premium dry foods like Orijen, to my personal preference, Raw foods such as Vital Essentials. I have seen first hand how many pets' lives have been drastically improved through switching to a high quality diet."

Answers Raw Goat Milk is also an immune and gut-boosting must in our home!




Isabelle, Sales & Marketing Associate

“I have loved animals since as long as I can remember! I got my dog Topsy (my happy, go lucky cockapoo) eleven years ago, and can't imagine life without her! Working at Hip Hound just fuels my passion for dogs and cats even more, getting to interact with pets and their owners everyday is amazing. I am really intrigued with holistic pet care, so working here and learning about all the brands that truly care about the ingredients that go into their food is great.”

My dog has been eating Fromm for most of her life, she currently is hooked on the Lamb and Lentil! I would also recommend the Wholistic Pet Organics Salmon oil - it's an incredible supplement to keep your dog's coat and skin healthy!