Wool Pet Caves

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When you see how much your cat or small dog loves these wool caves, you'll wish we made them big enough for you. Like all of the products at Lollycadoodle, the wool caves are made by felting wool. They are durable and easy to clean.

Cleaning Instructions: Remove pet hair with a vacuum (upholstery attachment) or a damp cloth (using a circular wiping motion). Spot treat dirt or liquid using a cloth with mild soap and water or diluted vinegar. In the event that your pet takes a nap on the bed after frolicking in a mud puddle or has an accident, remove solids, soak in cold, soapy water, rinse and roll in a bath towel.

Dogs and cats love the natural wool smell and the warm feel of these beds. All Lollycadoodle beds are handmade by trained artisans in Kathmandu, Nepal in a Fair Trade facility. Felted with soap and water only, the wool dries in the Kathmandu sun and then is shipped here!

Just in case you have one of *those* pets who enjoys chewing things to bits, these beds have been naturally dyed and the wool is fully digestible.