Vital Essentials Dog Freeze-Dried Mini Nibs Turkey

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Just as humans thrive on fresh food, so do animals. The most natural ingredient in an animal’s diet is RAW food that contains antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, minerals, and phytochemicals. Raw foods are the building blocks to a healthy, vital life.

Raw meats are just that–RAW. They are not over-processed or cooked which means active nutrients are fully utilized by a pet’s digestive system. Dogs and cats are natural carnivores; the essential nutrients they thrive on come from other animals. When carnivores consume another animal, they eat the meat, organs, some bone, and trace amounts of plant material from the animal’s digestive tract. These are the components of nature’s ideal meal. A raw meat diet replicates this natural food chain to create the perfect complete and balanced meal for our pets.


Ground turkey with bone, turkey heart, turkey liver, herring oil, mixed tocopherols, d-alpha tocopherol

Protein, min 49.0%
Fat, min 22.0%
Fiber, max 2.2%
Moisture, max 7.0%
Calorie Content(calculated) ME = 4310 kcal/kg | ME = 123 kcal/oz