Pink Flamingo Bow Tie

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Rose City Pup bow ties are HANDMADE in Portland, Oregon!

Modern collar accessories for any dog or cats!  Stylish, durable, and versatile for every day fashion!  Boys can wear them as a front bow tie, girls can wear them on the back of the collar as a bow. Also can attach to harnesses or leashes. Adjustable to any size.

Perfect for weddings, parties, photo shoots, or a night out on the town!


Small:  3" x 2"
Medium:  4" x 3"
Large: 5" X 4"

Directions to attach:  Wrap the Velcro around a collar, harness, or lead. Trim Velcro to fit. Be careful not to over trim the Velcro.

Hand wash only.

Please note each bow tie varies slightly in appearance and size depending on the print and trim size.