Cell Restoration Creme

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DERMagic Cell Restoration Creme soothes cracked pads or dry, itchy skin by restoring moirture to promote healing. Accelerates cell regeneration and rapidly boosts immunity, while soothing irritated skin. The proprietary blend of all-natural, organic ingredients keeps healthy skin hydrated and soft.

This product also provides excellent relief for chapped hands, eczema, psoriasis or any dry, itchy area on people too!
This product contains no preservatives. Store in a cool place and refrigerate after opening. If your pet is suffering from hot spots or allergies, please try the Hot Spot Salve or Skin Rescue Lotion for fast relief.

Directions for Use: Apply generously to affected areas. Repeat as needed.

Proprietary blend containing certified organic aloe barbadensis (aloe) leaf gel, organic Shea butter, Rosemary essential oil, Sesame oil, and natural vitamin E.